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1.  Why is your basketball flooring more durable than traditional surfaces?
The high density polypropylene tiles for your Rhino Court are produced at our  manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona using closed –looped, precision injection-molding technology.  As a result, our Rhino flooring is capable of being subjected to enormous physical stresses.  The 3/4" vertical reinforced sidewalls provide functional stability for ball response, ball handling, and structural integrity.

2.  Is the Rhino basketball flooring water resistant?
     Yes, Rhino flooring resist water damage, cupping, bending, and warping.

3.  Do I have to invest every few years in resurfacing the Rhino basket ball flooring?
     No, Rhino flooring does not require any sanding, stripping, coating or finish.
4.  Can I personalize/customize my Rhino Court?
     Yes, Rhino Sports can provide custom graphics and logos to personalize your