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How resistant are Rhino sports batting cage nets to sunlight and water?
Utilizing technologically advanced netting, Rhino Cages offer a quality net that will hold its color and strength for a lifetime.  The net features UV inhibitors preventing it from fading.  Rhino netting won’t absorb water, won’t shrink, and won’t fade in direct sunlight.

How strong is Rhino batting cage netting?
As a general rule netting comes in twine sizes.  The smaller the number, the thinner the twine.  #36 twine is considered commercial quality.  Rhino Sports Batting cages have #42 Twine used by many pro teams!  Our netting won’t rip no matter how hard you hit the ball.

How solid is your steel frame? 
Our 1 7/8”- inch steel tubing with weather resistant powder covering is the strongest in the industry.  The Rhino cage features a full cage design.  This is no cheesy minor league U-shaped frame.  Rhino cage is a major league batting cage!

What if I want turf with my cage?
If you need turf to go along with your Rhino Cage, our Rhino Home Turf is the finest synthetic product available.

Do you offer lighting for batting cages?
Yes, you can definitely add custom lighting and keep your practice going well into the night.