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Miami Garage floors!  Tired of the continued maintenance of your epoxy garage flooring and expensive coating products?  Rhino has the answer! 

Our new Florida garage flooring system will give your residential home and commercial showroom the look and feel it deserves. 

With the costume interlocking tile system, Miami garage floors, will reduce the fatigue in your feet, knees and back when you are working overtime on your favorite machine.

REVTEK, our new Florida Garage flooring system is a state –of- the- art, modular flooring surface made from a special polypropylene copolymer that puts a layer of protection between your garage floor and your vehicle.  The tile serves as a protector from chemicals, oil, brake fluid, grease, petroleum, anti-freeze, paint and other liquids that drain through the suspended surface.

REVTEK, our interlocking garage floor covering, can help you turn your garage into one of the most attractive, fun and productive spaces in your home.  REVTEK,
Miami garage flooring, also has the potential to turn any garage into an exciting
rec room.  Not only does it cover cracked or stained floors, it’s array of colors can be customized in a variety of patterns that will truly enhance your showroom-quality vehicles.

How hard is REVTEK to maintain?
Simply hose off REVTEK when you wash your car.  The water and soap will simply drain through our suspended surface.  Unlike painted surfaces, Miami garage flooring will not peel or chip with consistent cleaning.

How durable or tuff is your garage floor covering?

REVTEK handles heavy loads, dropped tools, and steady traffic.

How versatile is your garage floor covering, REVTEK?

REVTEK performs on  any flat surface, inside, or out, even sand and grass.  In addition REVTEK is ideal for workshops, auto shows, and retail displays.

Is it difficult to install?

No adhesives or special tools required-simply snap into place.  If necessary, tiles can be cut with a regular utility knife.