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Miami basketball courts and Florida basketball courts are made from the most durable and long lasting materials on the market.  Our indoor and outdoor basketball courts can be custom designed to make any home, park or organization unique and as original as the people playing on it.

Miami basketball courts and Florida basketball courts have the leading basketball backboards and basketball hoop systems in Miami.  At Rhino Courts of Dade County we are a one stop Dealer.  Our expert staff will custom design your indoor or outdoor court for any park, organization or home.  To complete your backyard or outside area, we also have a licensed landscape specialist on staff.   Miami, Florida Basketball courts offer state of the art steel components, backboards, and basketball hoops.  Our basketball flooring court construction is number one in the industry.  Miami outdoor/indoor basketball courts, and Florida outdoor/indoor basketball courts,  come in an extensive array of colors with an option to customize any desired color.  Rhino Courts of Dade County stands behind our products 100% .  We are proud to service all of South Florida.

Rhino’s products involve very little maintenance and are durable.  Rhino’s basketball flooring, basketball backboards, and basketball hoop systems are build with the highest standard and quality craftsmanship,  and latest technology that is available in the market.  We are proud to offer the best basketball system, sports equipment, durable flooring and court construction accessible today!  Our court systems are built to last, and have a 10-year warranty.

Miami basketball courts and Florida basketball courts offer prompt installation
Services in all basketball, flooring system, court construction, and all other sports equipment that can complement your backyard, or recreational areas.  In addition,  we carry, design and install hoops, goal systems, fences, netting, and lighting for all your outdoor or indoor basketball court needs. 

The basketball construction process includes a licensed site preparation for the concrete base, installation of our top of the line basketball hoops and backboards, court lighting, basketball flooring, and any additional sport equipment of your choice.

Miami outdoor/indoor basketball courts and Florida outdoor/indoor basketball courts specialist are ready to design a court built for years of intense play and aggressive competition.  Call us at 305-496-2506 or 1-888-RHINO, or send us an e-mail with any further questions or concerns you may have about outside or inside basketball hoops, basketball systems, sports equipment, basketball flooring and court construction.