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Miami  putting greens!  Florida putting greens!  Rhino Sports™ is now offering the best golf greens, both indoor and outdoor.  Perfect for any backyard.  The construction and installation of our artificial and synthetic home turf is designed to complement existing landscaping and the native environment.

Florida golf greens are made of durable, trouble-free synthetic turf and it stays lush, green, soft, and beautiful 365 days a year.  The amazing artificial/synthetic Rhino turf, with it’s high tech interlocking fiber, was designed to emulate the finest grass greens, offering true ball roll and predictable ball speed.  Miami and Florida golf greens are number one in the industry of back yard putting greens. Rhino Miami golf greens are engineered for durability and safety

Rhino Miami Putting greens are guaranteed to last.  We’ve earned our reputation as the industry leader by using only the finest materials available and by committing ourselves to quality construction, and superb artificial turf.  Miami golf greens is able to install Rhino turf at any indoor or outdoor residential or commercial area

Rhino Miami golf greens can be designed, constructed and installed in as little as a few short weeks depending on size.  Our indoor/outdoor artificial turf and grass won’t need to be mowed, watered or fertilized, saving you time and money.  Miami golf greens  will leave your synthetic green looking so real, that your neighbors will be calling you for tee times!  It will look so natural that you will be tempted to bring out the lawn mower.