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Miami tennis courts, Florida tennis courts are charging into your neighborhood!  Rhino courts offers state of the art tennis court construction, products and installation.  Great for indoor or outdoor games.  We will custom build a dream court for any organization, home or park.  We can resurface your existing court with our Rhino products.  We are happy to serve all of south Florida.

Whether residential or commercial, our tennis courts and tennis court construction are second to none!  We will custom design an outdoor or indoor tennis court.  Our Rhino surface is built to last.  It is low maintenance, and our protective UV coating on our tiles will prevent your surface from fading or cracking like traditional tennis court surfaces.  Our suspension floor system is designed for better traction and protection of the knees and joints

Miami tennis courts, Florida Tennis courts! Rhino’s tennis courts construction techniques and costumer service are unsurpassed by none.  When researching to build an indoor or outdoor tennis court, rhino Miami tennis courts will be your one stop dealer for all your needs.  Our experienced staff is qualified to handle any construction, installation and resurfacing of any court today!  You are one phone call away from becoming part of the Rhino family.  Contact us for a free consultation.

Is your surface as hard on the knees as asphalt or concrete?
No, our suspended surface offers built-in traction to protect the knees and joints

How hard is it to maintain the Rhino surface?
Our Pro Action suspended surface is designed to withstand heavy, long term use.  Rhino courts never need painting or resurfacing.  Their self-draining capability makes them easy to maintain.  You will never have to waste time sweeping or sponging away puddles.  Our products also have a 10 year limited warranty.

How is the ball bounce on the Rhino surface?
The highest quality materials and construction ensure a superior ball bounce

Does the Rhino surface become too hot?
Rhino Tennis Courts are cooler in the summer than asphalt or concrete courts.

Can I custom design my tennis court?
Custom colors and sizing are available for all individual needs and we also can add custom lighting and fencing to your court.

Do you only build residential tennis courts?
No, specialize on both indoor and backyard courts for residential and commercial uses which include parks, college campuses, schools, fitness centers, military establishments, and more.